Business Exit Planning


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Did you know there are over a dozen exit options, in addition to selling your business? The path to exiting a business can seem like an intimidating, tangled maze.

Business Exit Planning walks the reader through these exit options. It also provides insights on how to prepare a company for an exit transaction and how to manage the exit transaction process.

Whether or not to exit your business is never a simple yes or no answer. Most business owners find the issue difficult to grapple with because it is not just one decision. Rather, in most cases, there are many interrelated decisions to be made.

For example:
  • How much money might you reasonably expect to receive upon exit?
  • What is the best timing for your exit given the economic cycle of your country and industry?
  • What kind of advisors will you need?
  • How do you manage your staff, clients, and business partners during the process?
  • How will you manage the transition of your company to the new owners in order to ensure its continuity?
  • How does your role change after retirement, or how do you adjust to retirement?

Business Exit Planning will equip you, the business owner, with a full overview of what’s involved in exiting your business.

Throughout the book, the author stresses three key themes:
  • 1) A business exit should not be a spontaneous process, but the result of careful planning;
  • 2) Business owners tend to underestimate what it takes to exit, and
  • 3) There is often a mismatch in negotiating strength between business owners and professional investors.

By reading this book, you will be better prepared when you start your exit process.

Hardcover: 189 pages
ISBN 978-963-12-6689-4 In five languages: English, Russian, Serbian, Polish, Czech
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